how To Get An Additional Uk Passport

Some websites on the web offer help with passport and citizenship. Many places that he/she will be travelling to will require visas / don't enable and so we would request a second citizenship in 3 months to facilitate these while he /she is touring. The present waiting-time should be shown should you choose your places here There isn't any clear remedy I - can give wherever you were and since it depends upon where you live born (i.e. do they need to do further background checks should you weren't blessed in britain).

I rang the passport office on +44 (0) 300 222 0000 yesterday during operating hours and chatted into a good helpful chap, Charlie. He suggested, when you do above, that I submit an application for a First time passport, attach all supporting docs (birth document (probably) service notice, application form and cost) and deliver it by DHL for the UK (to which workplace, he did not specify). I really do wonder perhaps the UK passport office might ask you to renew your UK passport then send the new someone to the Russian authorities. I referred to my SA credit request where they hold the passport for 1 month!