Best Bankruptcy Websites |

To learn about Chapter 7 or Chapter13 bankruptcy or find bankruptcy forms and instructions, theseconsumer-friendly websites can provide the information you need. (For tips andresources on finding laws and doing legal research online, check out Nolo'sLegal Researchsection.)

U.S. Courts' Website, Bankruptcy Area

The U.S. Courts' newly revamped bankruptcy website has excellent, albeit basic,information about bankruptcy. This is also the place to go to find a list ofthe approved consumer credit counseling and debtor education agencies in yourstate and the current bankruptcy filing fees. Last, but definitely not least,you can access the Official Bankruptcy Forms. You can complete the formsonline, print them, and then file them with your local bankruptcy court.

U.S. Courts' Website, Court Locator

Click on this link, choose "bankruptcy" from the drop down menu, andenter your zip code to the find bankruptcy court nearest to you, directions tothe court, and a direct link to the court's website.

U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Trustee Program

Thewebsite of the Department of Justice has one area devoted to the U.S. TrusteeProgram. Here you'll find IRS national, regional, and local expense figures foruse with the bankruptcy means test, a list of credit counseling and debtoreducation providers in your state, and other types of information you'll needin order to file for bankruptcy.

Nolo's Bankruptcy Law Section

Easy to understand, comprehensive information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13bankruptcy. The articles and FAQs start with an overview of each type ofbankruptcy and then provide the information you need before you file, duringyour case, and after the bankruptcy is over. You can also find lots ofinformation on bankruptcy alternatives, so you can decide if bankruptcy is yourbest option.

American Bankruptcy Institute's Bankruptcy Resources

While the ABI is an organization primarily for lawyers, its consumer-facingwebsite provides Q&As, blogs, and a list of pro bono resources by state.

This website has an interactive means test calculator, to help you determine ifyou will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This site also provides specificinformation based on where you live, like links to local bankruptcy courts, themedian income in your state for purposes of determining Chapter 7 eligibility,and your state law bankruptcy exemption amounts.

Nolo's Debt Management Section

One-stop shopping when it comes to coping with financial trouble. The websiteincludes comprehensive information on handling problems with debt, dealing withcollection agencies and debt buyers, coping with student loan debt, repairingand rebuilding credit, and more.

This Nolo-affiliated site provides bankruptcy information from Nolo's editorsand outside bankruptcy experts.