Tari Tari Anime Reviews

Tari Tari Anime Reviews

Tari Tari, a very simple anime but has a high quality story.According to my judgment, this anime could be the best anime in the summer 2012.Or it could possibly be the best anime in 2012 after Hyouka.

This anime is an original project work by studio P.A. Works studio, it is not based on manga, light novels nor games and only has 13episodes. But my experience says that this anime can satisfy you! Especially if you are a slice of life stories lover.


Tari Tari tells the story of the simple life of five school students: Wakana Sakai, a girl who quit from music after her mother died. Miyamoto Konatsu, a cheerful girl and optimistic and have a passion in music better than anyone. Sawa Okita, a girl who love riding a horse and one member of the archery club. Taichi Tanaka, an athletic boy who like to play badminton,and the last is Atsuhiro Maeda, a.k.a. Wien, a half of Japanese-Austrian boy who recently moved to Japan after living abroad for 12 years.


I dare to say that Tari Tari is one of the best anime in 2012 after Sword Art Online and Hyouka. With a casual genre, that is slice of life and school life, Tari Tari able to convey an interesting storyline with a music theme.

For a glince is look ordinary, but this anime is able to compete with other popular anime. Able to resist the brunt of the current invasion of harem, ecchi, moe, and so forth. The slice of life anime that presented with incredible! So, if you are asked about the advantages of this anime ...?Many!

But despite that, I feel sad because blu ray version is notso much sought after. Even for Anime Bibly version, Tari Tari is at number 8for the most selling blu ray on the website. Nonetheless, I was still happy because Tari Tari still gets into the top 10 best anime in the Summer of 2012.

Other than that, I really liked the character development,they were able to mutually support each other and do not hesitate to warn when they start to behave selfishly. This is called a true friend! It also makes them closer and was able to fight through hard life though sometimes their plans do not go their way.

And the plot, the story is very simple. But because of this,Tari Tari can be enjoyed by all people without feeling confused. The simplicity of the story is also supported by the apparatus. Nothing strange story or “wondering your self” until to end of the episode. All the events, issues and words of each role has something to do with the story line, no wandering.

And the coolest thing of this anime is, the music! Of course, because this anime is music theme, then this anime has advantages in terms of BGM, Opening Theme, and Ending Theme. You will see some beautiful songs for the way the story is developing.


Lastly is the artwork, background looks simple and the character don’t have traits that stand out. Yups, because this is 100% slice of life. You will not find characters that look chibi, especially with excessive body posture.

Overall, this anime is able to graced my life in the summer of 2012 and become wonderful memories to re-watch.