5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sword Art Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sword Art Online

When the release in 2012, Sword Art Online (SAO) immediately meets with great success. Each episode eagerly awaited by the audience. Thanks to the success of its first season, the second season of Sword Art Online becomes one blockbuster anime series in 2014.

Sword Art Online tells in 2022 there was a virtual-based online game that was released with the title of Sword Art Online. With the help of Nerve Gear, a console for the virtual game, every player can feel he/she is in the game as real.

But all that changed when the Game Master namely Kayaba Akihiko lock the whole system of the player so that no one can out from the game. The player can only survive if there is someone who successfully complete the entire mission.

An anime that is very interesting with the concept of background VMMORPG (Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Although it is not genre is relatively new (previously existing /Hack series) but SAO anime who popularized this concept.

For me personally, the SAO is one of the best anime I've ever seen. I enjoy every episode of this anime. I'm not going to give in-depth review on this series, but I will give some reasons why anime is worth for you to watch.

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Visualization is Beautiful

World of SAO really describe a utopian fantasy world. There is beautiful scenery, green pastures, city classic design, wild animals, castles, cave mazes, festivals, and a world of fairies. A utopian world that feels wanted to live by any who saw.

Sword Fight

Whose would not like close combat action? Moreover, coupled with the effects of a very animated sword action, such as the impact sound sword, the sword is glowing, and advanced techniques. Each bout in this anime is always exciting.


As already mentioned, although the concept is not new but through the SAO a concept like this to be famous. I am a former online game maniac. I often wonder what it would be if we could live in the world of gaming, and SAO answers.

Multi Genres

Not only contains the action scenes alone, SAO also presents the story of the romance drama and friendship are not whiny and excessive, but it looks heroic. The anime also provides some action comedy but not excessive. SAO sometimes can look like an action genre, sometimes drama, and mystery, romance, thriller, and adventure.

Great Main Characters

Kirito who became the main character in the anime is cool and powerful figure. He only ever lost twice in the bout. It may look boring how the main character is too strong, but for me this is the excess that make up the whole SAO story is more than just win a fight.