Grab These Benefits For Your Adventure Travel With Adventurous Travels

Grab These Benefits For Your Adventure Travel With Adventurous Travels

If you like adventure instead of just lying down on the beach for 2 weeks, check my blog you will find many places that are not featured in the media and by visiting them you'll feel like a real explorer.


If you ask your friends where they are going on holidays, what answer do you expect to hear? Spain? Canary Islands? Miami? Thailand? You'd think wow! It's so exciting! I for a change choose Turkmenistan.


Guess what was the reaction of my friends where they found out. They looked at me as if I were out of my mind and in need of psychiatric assistance. Until they saw the photos when I returned. It was one of the best Adventure Travel of my life! Turkmenistan is one of the least visited countries on the planet and contrary to its neighbors - it's perfectly safe and NOT that difficult to enter at all! What can you see there?


Let's start with the ancient cities Merv, Dashoguz and Nisa which were the stops on the famous silk route from Europe via Middle East to India and China. Besides that, the Karakum desert that covers over 80% of the country is an attraction in itself. Full of wild horses and camels, it will overwhelm you with its vastness. You'll also admire breathtaking red and white Yangykala Canyons and the unbelievable outlandish ever burning crater "Door to hell". Besides that, cities of Asggabat and Avaza are completely unique, basically built from scratch, extremely modern and totally peculiar.


So, if you love adventure travel, check out my blog and I'll keep you updated with all the off the beaten path destinations that are absent in the media and deserve recognition. Besides Turkmenistan, you can see for yourself how beautiful and amazing is Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Iceland, Norway, Poland and many others. Check out more tips @