EBay Scams To Watch Out For Or You Could Be Next!


There are a lot of eBay scams out there to keep an eye out for when you are selling on eBay. This post will cover a few of the identified and not so known scams to be conscious of. Regardless of whether youre a causal seller, or a expert seller on eBay, you want to know about these scams so that you can take measures to avoid or recognize if its happening to you.

Bid Shielding

This scam is some thing you need to have to watch out for as a seller on eBay. Basically the scam is run utilizing two separate eBay accounts. The scam performs like this. You put your item up for auction. Lets say your item is worth $100 and you have no reserve. The 1st bidder (scammer) comes along and bids $five on your item. Get more on our affiliated site - Click here: TM. Right following that, yet another bidder operating with the 1st bidder comes along and bids $200 on your item. Since your item is only worth $100, you get no far more bids for the duration of your auction. Appropriate before your auction ends, the very first bidder backs out and cancels their bid, leaving the $5 bidder the winner, properly shielding all other prospective bidders since of the $200 bid.