Create A fb web Page For Your weblog

Find a few other blogs in the niche and comment on a few post and link back to your blog post. Create a facebook, twitter, myspace, squidoo account and post some content based on the keyword and link those back to your blog post. You do that for your blog and you're ahead of 99% of marketers.

Social media sites are hugely popular right now. So, do you know how to get backlinks from social media sites? There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest method is to use social bookmarking websites. When you write an article, build a web page, or make a New Blog Post, it's a good idea to social bookmark the URL of each. Edit the text of the bookmark so that it includes your keywords. An example of a popular social bookmarking site would be "Digg." Social bookmarking articles, and blog posts will speed the process of getting your articles, and pages indexed, and listed in the search results.

No sooner do I land on his blog am I practically slapped in the face by the stench of his over monetization and cheap sales tactics. There are not 1 or 2, not a handful, but EIGHT affiliate links in his 2 paragraph long blog post.

1) When you do promote your blog or website, your followers are much more likely to click your link. When you post nothing but self-promotion, your followers will quickly tune you out. When your tweets are varied and engaging, you keep them interested.

No blogger can get away with average content for a long time, because the readers are discovering new blogs on a regular basis. They will weed out what they dislike to make room for others. After all, no one has time to read all the blogs.

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