MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) Consulting & Testing

The admission test Medical College, MCAT, is required in most medical schools admission. The test will not be before January were conducted in 2012 and later, in September of the year before enrolling in medical school (ie, if you make an application for entry 2017, September 2016 last month , you can take the MCAT). No score will be taken from a test accepted in the year of registration. scores of years will not be considered before 2012.

Presentation of the results of the Admission Test Medical University (MCAT), sponsored by the American Association of Medical Colleges and the American College Testing Program administered. Applicants must follow a standard four-year program BS / BA takes the spring of this test before applying to medical school, but in September the application year at the latest.

The ACT consists of four multiple-choice tests: English, reading, math and science. If your institution needs a written test, you can take the ACT Plus Writing, which includes a writing test, plus other four tests. These tests are offered several times a year in places (usually schools and universities) across the country. Information about the evidence you need for your high school counselor or agents or college admissions at universities interested in participating, talking. Meanwhile, here it is a summary of the most standardized tests.

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is an excellent source of information on the related application, the topics covered, etc. Once the applicant is registered, the DAT files can be programmed in local Prometric office or elsewhere. Each section is designed for higher order skills of thinking, the measure of success in medical school, including analytical thinking, abstract reasoning and problem solving.

All applicants must submit the results of the Admission Test Medical University (MCAT). Students who choose not to submit the results MCAT will be disadvantaged. Although the admissions committee does not use rigid thresholds, the applicant should note that successful applications, which have a combined MCAT score of 33 and an average score of 3.65 cycle.