Michelle Steinberg is really the company's leading marketing master though PR is her shtick at Residence of Blues. That's since PR may be Blues uses' only marketing discipline House.

"We do not do any advertising," says Ms. Steinberg, the VP-corporate public relations who, at 29, oversees publicity for a company that provides enormous media coverage every time it opens a club, produces a record or revs up its site ( " is promotion-influenced."

House of Blues' nightclubs S.C., in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans and Myrtle Beach , take on stores including Hardrock Cafe and World Hollywood, but a themed Michelle Steinberg dOMAIN restaurant positions not itself as more than HOB. In addition it has its own record label, writing team, production corporation and new media model.

Ms. Steinberg's work is always to keep inventing new ways to remind the entire world-via press coverage that is extensive -that Home of Blues can be an amusement place and more.

For the opening of Chicago's Property of Blues last November, for example, Ms. Steinberg created a plan to shock opening act hosts (and HOB buyers) Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi with fellow alumni from Second Location, "Saturday Night Live" and different video co stars. John dOMAIN Integrated Landis, Chevy Chase yet others shocked both onstage, and journalists had a heyday. The results, according to a video-monitoring company, About The Landscape Manufacturing: greater than 47.9 million electronic media gross impacts.

HOB produced a dash at last summeris Olympic Activities in Atlanta when it transformed a Baptist church across from Centennial Park right into a momentary Household of Blues place. According to Burrelle's Newsclip Research Service, HOBis Olympics coverage accomplished 1.34 billion overall gross thoughts in produce and electronic press, for an advertising benefit.

A talent and visit department's 40-metropolis "Smokin' Lines" event trip of downtown hip-hop rings accomplished tremendous advertising after Ms. Steinberg positioned the Lollapalooza -like affair as "bringing you House of Blues."