Attractive 101Ellwod Flortiles

The Ellwood Apartments uses four different types of 101ellwood floortiles for its floors that depend on its function.

The living room, for instance, are installed with light brown ceramic tiles since these tiles posses a certain sturdiness due to its smooth texture as a result of undergoing a heating and cooling process of clay. A part of the living room 101ellwood floortiles where the reception chairs are installed are covered with carpet.

Just beside the living room contiguous to it is the dining area where faux wood tiles are installed that comes in ceramic, since it can copy the feel of natural wood and is much easier to maintain but is more durable than natural wood.

Then, of course, there’s the kitchen just a few steps away from the dining area. 101ellwood floortiles uses faux wood tiles too but of a different fit and design. The kitchen tables however are made out of smoothened Granite table tiles, which is a masterpiece for the kitchen area.

On the opposite side of the kitchen is bathroom, where 101ellwood floortiles uses marble tiles which is suitable for bathrooms since it is a highly durable stone that can be polished and honed. Light brown tiles line the floor of the bathroom, and the ambient lighting is complemented by a refreshing natural scent.

The architectural integrity of the 101ellwood floortiles enhance the lifestyle, enjoyment and satisfaction of resident in the apartment community.

Beside the grooming area is the sink where one can just wash the face or hands. The sink can also be used to wash small pieces and number of clothes and can be initially drip-dried at the towel rings. Granite tiles are used on the sinks table tops.

Overall the use of 101ellwood floortiles adds to the resident’s well being since it fully refreshes the individual in a secure environment. The result of a clean, sanitized and spacious bathroom is the enhancement of health and wellness of the residents.

The next most important thing to the bathroom is the adjacent bedroom where one can relax further after taking a warm bath, an activity that is closely related to an after bath.

Every room at the 101ellwood apartment is designed to optimize and maximize the comfort of residents. At the living room, the sofas, tables, lighting and carpet and attractive 101ellwood floortiles allow one to live and work comfortably.

The interior design of every apartment speaks of harmony, functionality, abundance and warmth, enhancing a sense of satisfaction, safety and security for the residents.

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