Cylent Cycles’ White Line Fever FL

Hold on to your hats women and gentlemen as Barnett’s Bagger Week continues with a custom bagger from the baggerific people at Cylent Cycles in Mesa, Arizona. Scott Capalbo and also the remainder of the crew at Cylent didn’t are aware of it, however that they had Barnett’s artist Jack Cofano in their cross hairs once they engineered this bike they’ve dubbed Yayo. For those with their finger on the heartbeat, Yayo may be a slang term for Tony Montana’s favorite recreational diversion and that I assume it conjointly refers to the color of this bike therefore the reference point Fever title Cylent got curst from the multiple Oscar-winning Jan-Michael Vincent moving-picture show of identical name. But, what will this all got to do with adult male. Well Jack’s shot a hell of plenty of bikes over the years and admittedly, he’s somewhat blasé once such a big amount of bikes. World Health Organization wouldn’t be with thousands and thousands beneath their belt, however if it’s painted white, he’ll perpetually check that to purpose it bent Pine Tree State like it’s the primary custom he’s ever seen.


 Obtaining back to the topic at hand, Cylent Cycles is all concerning the bagger. Not baggers and bobbers or baggers and choppers, Cylent may be known as simply Baggers which wouldn’t be pushing it a little bit. Their web site is crammed with their own elements associate degreed items that simply may build your bagger stand enter an ever-growing ocean of custom baggers. Yea it’s got the necessary head honcho up front, however Scott focuses on bodywork that contains a vogue all his own. There’s not a chunk of tin (or composite material) that hasn’t been worked over on this bike till it’s now not resembling a stock piece.

Take the fairing that appearance somewhat sort of a regular fairing till you examine the cool factor he's employed around to form it special. Clearly he needed one thing extremely sleek and created his fairing around a collection of headlights from a sports bike that is sleek stylish to start with. They’re therefore well integrated into his style that you’d suppose they were designed only for this purpose and not a sport bike. Scott will build you a fairing with similar lights if you therefore desired, however you gotta work it out with him initial as this can be not associate degree everyday off-the-peg Cylent half. Really that solely makes it higher as a result of if some headlamp extremely tickles your fancy, he’s your man to stylishly envelope it in fibreglass. Sure, it’s gonna price you, however pin money like it’s going out of favor is what a custom bagger seems to be concerning. Those 26” or 30” front wheels with brake(s), tire, and a fender you see on something presently hip price concerning what a pleasant late model jazzy alone would run you. No, I’m not suggesting you mount a second hand Sportster in situ of your FL’s front wheel; custom baggers area unit simply pricey stuff is all. Scott’s simply providing you one thing that actually takes your bike to a distinct vogue altogether.


Same goes for the opposite body elements just like the integrated frame covers bags with their hydraulically-operated superior. They’re the nearest most people can ever get to feeling like we tend to own a Lamborghini. By the way, the rear fender and semiconductor diode taillights are Cylent elements therefore if you wish the design, look no more than Cylent for an entire new ass finish. Same goes for the tank and chin spoiler, all Cylent stuff. By the way, that good white paintjob and the and therefore the and conjointly the minimalist graphics was also done in-house by Cylent’s Alan Hanks.


If you’re concerning able to unfettered the hounds of hell on your Harley bagger, simply check that you examine Scott’s work and his distinctive vogue


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