DRAIN Business One versus. Microsoft Dynamics GP shows for consultant

Within this small article we shall maybe not make side-by-side complex specifications comparison. We would rather like to give ideas to you from both sides Microsoft and SAP. Both products and services target mid-size businesses in the united states, Europe (however Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP will be making continental Europe market starting with version 10.0 anywhere in-the year of 2008, where Microsoft Business Solutions will probably share on Microsoft Dynamics NAV again this is contingent for the development with Project Green or now Microsoft Dynamics project). Allows arrive at the topic:

Microsoft Dynamics GP strong points. Microsoft, being leader in Systems, Office Services and products, and also having such systems as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server can now capitalize o-n ERP technology infrastructure, which include ERP integration: SQL heterogeneous concerns, Sharepoint workflows, web portals. At exactly the same time, long time pres-ence on the marketplace for such products as Microsoft Outlook provides Microsoft the choice to count on Outlook user experience Microsoft Dynamics products won't require user education (from the interface intuitiveness standpoint) Microsoft Dynamics CRM has Outlook Client, Microsoft Dynamics GP will have tighter integration with Outlook in its version 9.0. Making some remarks on another Microsoft item Microsoft Small Business Accounting it is integrated with MS Outlook, where you can create debts and market view connections to your MS SBA consumers.

DRAIN Company One. The product was purchased by SAP from Israel software development company four years ago. The influenced cause was most likely the need to go down to mid-size and even small clientele, plus SAP needed such product to be easily adaptable to Multilanguage and complex global tax rules. SAP Business One has CRM, ERP/Production segments and theoretically can serve as ERP/MRP/CRM for manufacturing or maintenance subsidiary of large company. SAP Business You've got contemporary architecture and design and this is what is actually a strong position in decision making to-select ERP system. DRAIN Business You have integration to Microsoft Office it might use email message through MS Outlook customer / SMTP and in incorporate with MS Office on the amount of COM objects

Microsoft Dynamics reasons. At that time when Microsoft Dynamics / Project Green are attempting to allow Microsoft ERP products and services to work with Microsoft Office technologies SAP is many years behind in this way. SAP happens to be contracting Microsoft allow SAP mySAP integration with Microsoft Office. Microsoft has this strong argument against SAP Business One SAP deploys market Experts who are very strong generally ERP/MRP plus probably Business and Industry Vertical Consulting to implement ERP from midsize business, where expertise and technology consulting come first. The end result is longer execution cycle plus difficulty with SAP Business One integration with history services and products and technology modern

SAP Company One Arguments. If you wish to dig up more about visit my website, we recommend thousands of resources you might think about investigating. Microsoft is attempting to trap you to its technological options and proprietary systems. It is enough if we give you excellent ERP platform which includes great integration tools to Microsoft Office plus helps some integration with Windows platform it self you can use VB.Net or C#.Net (our criticism you can have your SAP Business Someone to communicate with outside world with such non-Microsoft systems as IBM Lotus Notes Domino and use Lotus Notes as Document workflow)

Extra Microsoft Arguments. Clicking http://www.kcpdynamics.com likely provides tips you should tell your friend. There are analytics out there on the ERP ideal research market who help Microsoft in-the view that SAP Business One will need technology developments (including creating an unique Office system or tighter cooperation with Microsoft Office products) to remain present with the ERP market I the season of 2010

Additional Factors. Of-course SAP has extra bells and whistles, such as for instance language switch you can switch from German, French or Brazilian Portuguese to US English by demanding Cnrtl key combination. Microsoft Dexterity was designed in earlier 1990th and doesnt support such a operation and Unicode the question usually asked by the chance from China, India and Arabic World.

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