Tips To Utilize Locker Safely at Public Facilities | Jual Locker

Our organization can be the first company within Indonesia to always be able to introduce your concept and also system storage locker safe, as well as versatile.

Now the storage system wants being a new priority which is indispensable especially for almost all those engaged in the area of Schooling services , Hotels , Fitness Centre, Club , Hospitals , H2o parks, Cafe shops, and also within the factory though. We assist an individual to provide the greatest remedy with regard to storage system which range from sales associated with various kinds locker along with keys. Locker rental solutions sharing system. Consultation installation and in addition the selection of suitable storage system in your own place regarding company and providing maintenance and also after- sales service .

Instruction with regard to Locker Use:

1. Locate empty locker

2. Location belongings straight into locker with the door open as well as with just about all the lock in open up place (exposing red # key) 3. Gradually enter any 4-digit code quantity of the option – watch for the blue light as you enter every number. In case an individual make a mistake hold out ten seconds and begin once more

4. Shut door and also lock (covering red # key) - this locks your locker

5. to open jual locker up – slowly type in the same 4-digit code number. Lock will now open. (if your code does not work, you may appear at once more two much more times, then wait 10 seconds. A Person will visit a red mild flash then attempt another 3 occasions and thus on)

6. leave locker open up for next user

PT. Rovindo Main success was factories as well as distributors that can serve numerous purposes along with locker as well as key system. We had some locker together with System: Coin Locker, Crucial less Electronic Locker and Locker.