Importance of Various Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Importance of Various Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking solution is an example of digital and technological revolution which continuously helping many businesses and companies all over the world. There are many vehicle tracking devices available in the market having advance features for monitoring and managing vehicles. Let’s see some features of GPS tracking device and how these features work:

Real Time Tracking: It is an important feature of GPS tracker. This feature helps in getting the current position and information of the vehicle. A fleet admin can easily see the live activity of each and every vehicle from anywhere.

Location and Path Tracking: This feature assist in tracking the location of a vehicle at any time and the path on which vehicle run. It is helpful in finding out the position of vehicle at any specific time. This feature helps in vehicle and resource allocation.

Fuel and Mileage Monitoring: A fleet or vehicle owner can get the details of fuel consumptions and fuel status with this feature. By using this feature, the fleet admin can control the fuel wastage.

Speed Detection: As the name suggests, this feature is used for getting the speed of the vehicle. The vehicle admin can keep a close eye on over speeding and can make it safe and secure by using this feature.

Geo Fencing: Geo fencing means fixing a locality for the vehicle movement. This is one of the important features of GPS tracking device, which assist the fleet owner in restricting the vehicle in a particular location.

Customized Alerts:  Custom alerts provide details to the fleet admin time to time. The admin can set these alerts according to his need and can get info at phone without any effort or login in the software.

So these are some important advantages of GPS tracking solution for fleet management and vehicle tracking. All above features are available in Dogma Guardian GPS tracking device which is the combination of GPS tracker, server and monitoring software. For more details, please visit