Katie Cleary & Peace 4 Animals present “Give Me Shelter”

I confess that I’ve worked in zoos, dog retailers and sanctuaries, in school laboratories and on horse ranches among different live animal services. I thought I realized most every standpoint and every truth about these companies. But this movie captured me off-guard. And it should find you offguard.

Give Me Housing finds a side of the individual-pet sector screen that is mostly unknown to companion pet owner and the human buyer and greedy. It reveals the Katie Cleary treatment of domestic and wildlife as they abused and are commercialized for uses as well as food, apparel, medicinals.

The documentary addresses to a selfish reaction plus a selfish species. It speaks to us.

Give Me Protection conveys how we continue to dominate as opposed to only coexist. It's effective and moving note of what we have completed and proceed todo to the voiceless. The picture is participating and unprecedented. And it's also not as uninformative as it is disturbing.

(Courtesy Peace 4 Animals)

Give Me Housing conveys a sad truth with superstar dog activists that are famous and professional supporters. It sends our neglect for most customers of your pet kingdom and anything about absence thereof or our sentience. Despite modern our culture to be may be perceived by us, this documentary confirms how much we need to get.

The picture catteries to retail retailers round the region and takes us over a trip of young cats and dogs from professional puppy mills. It shows the dreadful character of the horse slaughter industry and spouse equids' ferocious last times.

The video also exposes the violence on manufacturer food animal facilities and hair farms. It examines performing animals' lifestyles. Give Me Pound exposes the irresponsible and risky tradein incredible creatures in the united states. It broaches the subject of efficiency as well as vulnerable and endangered species around the world's predicament. It is a must observe.


Peace 4 Pets

It is endorsed by superstar pet activists the Barbi Twins.