They are taken by a fresh movement in playground layout much in the customary

I was always very into making and creativity things. Layout a part of everything we do, everything we see, everything we touch, and to not be engaged was a missed opportunity. We were attempting to create a traditional museum in 2008-2009, the worst possible time to begin a fresh museum. At the same time, there were spaces that are underutilized all over the area. We’re bringing the museum to areas where people go. We’re additionally in San Francisco, Oregon, and Portland.

Most playgrounds will not be quite interesting for children, acquire motor skills or social skills or do’t actually challenge them.

There’s a new movement in playgrounds called adventure playgrounds.

We [show] a couple of them in our exhibit, one in the U.K. It’s basically an outside junkyard — bits of thiet bi vui choi metal, trees. Kids can play with hatchets, light fires, and build forts. They say and we reveal people, “We ca’t believe their parents let them do that!”

The world has definitely changed.