Even though Will Smith’s “Suicide Squad”  is not released yet but fans are going bonkers over it already. For sure the cinemas will be house full for a long time when it releases. The movies is an action packed thriller drama that is a must watch.  Along with many other aspects of the movie Will Smith’s look and appearance is one thing that we all know we are drooling over. Will Smith is one of the most versatile actors in the industry and there are tons of looks and appearances he has adopted for his movies. But one thing that has got the fans crazy is the will smith. This is certainly one hell of a jacket and the style is certainly here to stay.

Deadshot Suicide Squad Will Smith Jacket is meant for all you fashionistas out there, it is just so chic and unlike most leather jackets it does not have a very conventional feel but instead it has a very powerful statement like look. With this leather jackets you can certainly makes heads turn.


Its look:

Deadshot is flame red and black in color, which itself is attractive enough without any detailed added. These bold colors together make the jacket a power packed piece of attire. The first impression of the jacket is very powerful, it might make people take a glance or two and still not get enough of it. So if you are looking for some extra attention Will Smith Leather Jacket is definitely for you.

Its style:

Will Smith Jacket is not styled typically;It has a red leather inner life jacket and a black over jacket. It might seem as if it's a two piece jacket however its attached together making the details quite interesting and eye catching. This superhero like detailed jacket is stylish enough to attract a lot of people.



Will Smith DeadShot Jacket comes in slim fir type. In fact the inner is even tighter and body hugging as compared to conventional leather jackets. The idea is to give a superhero like feel to anyone who is wearing it and it cannot be denied that the look it will give you will definitely make you stand out. If you are not that lean you can opt for a bigger size just make sure go through the size chart thoroughly so that you don't end up getting a loose fitted Deadshot Jacket..



  • ·         Collar: Erected rounded collar
  • ·         Pockets: four pockets (two inside and two outside)
  • ·         Material:  High quality leather
  • ·         Color: Flame red and Black
  • ·         Lining: viscose lining internally
  • ·         Closure: Zipper
  • ·         Fitting: Slim fit
  • ·         Type: Superhero
  • ·         Worn by: Will Smith
  • ·         Movie: Suicide Squad


If you are a Will Smith and on top of that Dead shot fan you need this replica jacket in your life. This is something you will not only wear and flaunt but can also save as a keepsake and cherish its importance.