How to Upgrade on Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans mobile game has ranked as one of the top mobile games of the previous year. This game, developed by Supercell, was able to earn millions in its popularity. The Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game. This game gives players the chance to create their own villages and plays battlefield game wars with neighboring villages. In order to advance in the game, players would have to invest in upgrading their troops and defenses. The defenses are mostly composed of Giants, Minions, Dragons, upgrading them would help advance in bonuses. The extra loot that comes from these bonuses allows the players' troops to increase their stealth and immunity to damage. It could come off as expensive unless planned wisely on which units to prioritize in upgrading.

Protecting the village is one of the main goals of the game. In order to win wars, units come as battlefield players and a shield protects the village. In turn, the player has the choice of editing their village layout to build walls as protection. The notifications feature allows the player to fix and re-edit some of the damaged property after wars. While most players would take the time to play their upgrades in real time, other players opt to use a clash of clans hack. However, Supercell warns the players in their Fair Play Policy in the use of mods and bots in the mobile game. Any forms of third-party website content could lead to permanent ban.