Tips on Upgrading your Play Experience in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, Supercell’s most successful mobile game, has gained popularity over the last year mentioned on TV and often advertise in mobile applications. The game is available in both Apple and Android stores accessible to anyone who has a mobile device. The main goal of the game is choosing whether to create a village of our own or create a clan to attack enemy villages. This game is multiplayer, making the play experience interactive with other online users. The game makes use of units and buildings that make up village building and troops. These units, often in the form of the Clash of Clans creatures, can be upgraded to achieve bonuses. Investing in these upgrades would require purchases, so choosing the right units to upgrades should be done wisely, preferably Barbarians and Archers which are perfect for aggressive troop attacks.

Other players find other ways to upgrade their play experience by doing a clash of clans hack. These hacks, such as Clash of Clans Mods and Bots are notably illegitimate of use. Supercell warns this specifically in their Fair Play Policy concerning third party web content, resulting to its use would lead to a permanent ban. The company is manually checking on this actions, warning players of cheating. Clash of Clans hacks that require personal account information could risk the loss of your credit accounts, emails or Itunes account. For first timers, the company will give you a suspension. For those who have been banned, however, players are unable to appeal.