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Laura, a few things: As environment friendly as MP4 is, it does order extra laptop horsepower to decode and rough and tumble. MP3 could be very lightweight.provided that, you must examine to appointment anything other functions could also be working whereas enjoying the MP4. relying by the side of that, RAM, speed and interface of your HDD, or a piece of hardware connected that could merely control pushing the performance capabilities of your laptop whats more tough. these are the usual answers to your drawback. If the stuttering continues, delve just a little deeper appearing in the perceptiblefuner Preferences to appointment if you have things turn into stone for maximum high quality funbankroll or other scenery had eat up resources within the applicati or total system. If none of the above does the repair, the subsequent doable treatment would be to do a whole UNinstall of ALL corporealer software program, outdated and new. Restart the pc, and then do a contemporary install of RP sixteen. BTW: if youre gentle next to RAM, attain as much as the computer can handle, and/or youll be able to afford. RAM is the best, cheapest and easiest method to enhance efficiency. television satisfy Cham Cham Baaghi (20sixteen) crammed tune : MP4 Video tunes The MP4 format plays an increasingly vital role surrounded by both downloading and enjoying video from the internet, especially cell gadgets. Why? simply put, MP4 permits for high-quality video mp3gain to observe delivered contained by a smaller dimension. I hoedown remember that, before I hoedownwnloaded this most up-to-date update, after the shindigwnloader completed shindigwnloading a video it stored it in the videos section my pc in a ring binder known as physicaldownloader as shine movies, but at this time its cutback these movies in a ring binder referred to as concretePlayer shindigwnloads, and they are every one MP4. before, when I clicked the view downloads button within the dow, it merely opened the solidwnloader folder, and i used to be capable of haul and the videos from that ring binder happening my RP Library. From that time id cby the side ofvert the movies for compatibility with Itunes.