Important Questions to Ask your Quick House Sale Agent

Important Questions to Ask your Quick House Sale Agent

When selling your house through a quick sale company, not only do you need to understand that process but also ensure that you are well informed at each stage of the process. This involves seeking answers to various questions from the quick sale company agent that you are dealing with.


Some of the top questions to ask include the following:

Is the quick house sale company buying your house or there is a third party involved?

If the company is buying it, you need to establish how they will pay for it. Should the company say they have funds available, let them prove it, as a genuine buyer will be able to provide.

Is someone else buying the property? Are they known and can they give a guarantee in terms of how fast the sale will take place as well as whether the said buyer has funds ready?

Are the timescales for the sale defined? If yes, what stages are involved and when will each be effected? Are there chances that the timescales will slip? If yes, what might be the probable cause?

Who is the property valuer and how will the valuation be done?

What might be the probable cause of a change in the price and when is it likely to happen? In addition, is the offer conditional meaning it is subject to the contract, survey or anything else?

What charges and fees will you be required to pay and what are the charges and fees if should you fail to complete the sale?

Asking these questions is crucial in ensuring that you are satisfied with the overall service offered by the quick house sale company. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the process at any one point it can be investigated and resolved before it is too late.