Tips when Going for Quick House Sale

If you have explored all your options and are certain that selling your property through a quick house sale company like Ready Steady Sell is the best way to go, you need know how to go about it. Here are some quick tips to get you started through the process:

Carry out your own valuation – It is advisable that you get a valuation from different estate agents. This way, you can determine if the offer made to you by the quick sale company is fair or not.

Shop around – Although this may seem time consuming you will do well to look at what various quick sale companies are offering before you settle on one with the best deal.

Get to know the credentials of the quick sale company you are dealing with – For instance, in the case of brokers, ensure that they are registered with the Ombudsman Services: Property or The Property Ombudsman. Additionally, you should confirm that the company is has signed up to the code of practice and are regulated by an official body.

Make sure all assurances are put on paper – Getting everything in writing is a sure way of not only retaining evidence of the agreement but also protecting yourself in the event that the company reneges on its commitment.

Do not shy from negotiating – While it is true that you may be in deep financial trouble or you desperately want to dispose your property, you need to understand that there is no harm in negotiating for a favorable price/better terms.

Take time before sealing that deal – It is important not to rush into making that final decision especially when you are under pressure. Therefore, take time to think through the details and its implications before accepting it.

Work with an independent legal adviser – You do not have to work with the quick sale company’s legal representative thus you may want to consider working with your own.

Generally, it is important to be alert to the fact that there are unscrupulous quick house sale companies out there thus you need to ask the right questions as well as take time to thoroughly evaluate the deal before putting ink to paper.