Who's Worse? Trump or Hillary?by Thomas Swan15 hours ago

A comparison of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from the standpoint of a progressive. Is there a lesser evil? This examines their policies, statements, votes, and history.

Leghorns: The Unsung Heroes of the Henhouseby HennyPennyPincher39 hours ago

Oft ignored, sometimes maligned, the humble leghorn is still the queen of the nesting box.

LEGO Creator Brick Bank Modular Buildingby Diana Guyvan21 hours ago

Brick Bank is the fourth corner model in the whole series! And you've actually got not only the bank but the second smaller building which features the laundromat and the manager's office...

Links to Free Quality Fictionby Jill Spencer6 hours ago

More than 10 online sources for great free reads in contemporary flash fiction, short stories & poetry.

The Ghost Mountain Adventure (a short story)by John Hansen2 hours ago

This short adventure story is my response to a writing challenge. I also read a recent article that said there was a lack of short fiction available with skiing as the theme. So here goes.