Lift Chairs in Montgomery County Makes Life Easy For Aged Parents

At some point in time, your parents will need some support from you to get on with life. Old age always does not bend one emotionally, but can put up challenges physically. An unfortunate accident, a nasty fall or illness can make them feeble asking for constant monitoring or home help. There are agencies that offer assistance round the clock, but how much can you rely on a caregiver? Plus, it is always not possible for everyone to avail such services because of financial restrictions. That is why one has to rely on equipment and products that simplify the life of your aged parents.

If your parents are suffering from any venous disorder such as thrombosis, edema or phlebitis, then the progression of the disease can be curbed by using compression stockings in Philadelphia. There are places like Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies who can help by providing high-quality medical supplies and home medical equipment.

There is another home medical equipment that is worth an investment. You can opt for lift chairs in Montgomery County if you have seen any of your parents struggling to get up from the chair, or is having a hard time sitting down on the same. It is not possible for you to know which kind of lift chair would be good for her. Also, it is crucial to know whether the person will actually need a lift chair or not. Ideally, anyone who may need help in getting in and out of the chair due to old age, arthritis or surgery that has put restrictions on their mobility are the ones who would need a lift chair.

Lift chairs resemble regular chair. The only difference is, they have a safety mechanism that allows them to raise or lower the chair easily. Other than this, there are advantages of using a lift chair as well.

  • Your parents will feel independent- No one likes to be dependent on anyone at least for handling the daily activities. With a lift chair installed, your parents will at least not be asking anyone to get in and out of the chair.  
  • They will have the opportunity to remain in their home- No one wants to leave their home and go and settle elsewhere especially in their old age. That is why people install stair lifts at home or opt for lift chairs to make life simple and hassle free for seniors in the house.
  • It eases mobility- Sitting down and getting up from the chair is not easy, especially for those with mobility restrictions. With a mechanism that makes the task simple, opting for lift chairs is a wise decision.    

Installing lift chairs in Montgomery County is also beneficial for the caregiver in case you have hired one to take care of your parents. First, it saves time for the caregiver to take care of other chores in the house. Constant monitoring is not required when the seniors can get in and out of the chair on own.

Studies have shown that nearly 54% of caregivers often experience physical injuries themselves trying to help a senior person in and out of the chair. This is something that needs to be avoided when you are being relied upon for someone else’s care.