Have you wondered why it is so difficult to find the perfect pant? Often it happens like this that go go around looking for a nice yoga pant for your yoga session or a really cool tribal streetwear pant which will perfectly fit you and has also a fantastic quality. In the local stores there is often the problem that when you found a pant which you like from the design the fit is just not really perfect. For example the yoga hose is too long or is too short. It would be sometimes really nice to have a goa shop who has a really amazing customer service which is asking you how you would like to have your pant. Can you imagine this? Believe me there is!


We found a Streetwear Shop which is really asking every detail from you just because they want to give you the best service available. They ask you about your hip, bum and waist measurements and how tall you are. From this details they offer you a wide range of fantastic Goa Kleidung and Tribal Streetwear. And believe me when you see this Goa Mode you will love it. Especially if the staff is custom fit for you ;)


They offer a Yoga Pant section which have an amazing fit. They are made of super fine and comfy materials like Cotton Lycra. The Haremshose Aladinia will fit to every outfit. Nice to wear in your Yoga Session or also to combine with other Streetwear Outfits. Also the Long Leggings is the perfect Yoga Hose.


If you are searching for an outstanding Design have a look at the Leggings Eagleskin which was designed of Asias most famous and awarded Tattoo Artist.


For more Streetwear you can discover Haremshosen like the Aladinia Jean which are made with the finest Jeans Linen. Its the perfect Goa Hose for the summer time when its really hot. For the cold Season the Harmeshose Bubble Pant is the best choise for you.


This Goa Shop is really custom made quality at its best!