Uses of Bio Oil & Benefits

Bio Oil is known as the best Skin Care Oil for all kinds of scars, stretch marks, skin tone, dehydrated skin and ageing skin.

The most common application of Bio Oil is for stretch marks post pregnancy, however, it is equally effective against both old and new scars.
As for ageing is concerned, the oil helps in fading the wrinkles and gradually improving the overall appearance.

A trademark ingredient called PurCellin Oil is medically proven to show effects on scars and ageing skin.

Uses of Bio Oil:

1) Lightens Scars
2) Stretch Marks
3) Bio Oil for Uneven Skin Tone
4) Anti-Ageing Skin Oil
5) BioOil for Dehydrated Skin
6) Daily Skincare
7) Non-greasy Oil

Bio Oil can be applied on face and any other part of the body but avoid sensitive parts like eyes.

Directions of Use: Apply the oil on the scars/wrinkles/wound and gently massage for 3-4 minutes until it gets completely absorbed. Avoid application on fresh wounds.

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