Perfect Games For A Birthday Party

Birthday party is a time for fun, excitement and enjoyment for everyone. Children like to have their birthdays celebrated in different ways, according to their ages and personal preferences. Parents arrange the birthdays in such a way that suits their budget, and they choose a venue that accommodates and caters to the requirements of a birthday party.

Cake cutting is the limelight of the birthday party, but what every child is excited about before coming to the party is the games and the good times that he is going to have with his friends. There are many patent games for birthday parties that have been played for decades now. They are fun and thrilling, but a little innovation makes the entire spirit of the game new and fresh.

Apart from the fun and frolic associated with party games, one should keep in view the learning and sharpening of intellectual skills as well. Whoever is deciding games for a birthday party should think of some intelligent games, something that can add to the knowledge of the children.

All kinds of guessing games are good for sharpening the mind and reflexes. Cut a card paper into 8-10 square pieces and write some idea, or the name of a movie, a famous personality, a place, a historical or scientific discovery etc. On one side of each piece of paper, write three clues that give an idea about the thing or person, which is to be guessed.

When the children gather for the party, randomly choose a child and give him one piece of paper. He is going to tell the clues only to the rest of the children, who shall guess the name of the place, thing, person or animal, written on that piece of paper. Whoever gives the correct answer shall win the price.

You can make this guessing game more interesting by adding action to it. Make two teams of the children. Ask a child from team A to pick a piece of paper on which the name of the person, thing, animal etc. is written. This child is supposed to act or use sign language to convey the thing that is to be guessed by his own team. If they guess it correctly, give them 1 point. Repeat the same with team B. The winning team would be one that score the highest points.

But, children want more fun and enjoyment at a birthday party. They love "treasure hunt", no matter how old this game is. Hide the treasure or a gift at some place in the garden, and give the first clue to the children. You should have hidden consequential clues in different places that shall lead to the treasure. Whoever reaches there first shall win the treasure.

Since music is must-have item in the party, therefore, games that can be played with music are loved by children. Musical chairs and pass the ball are great party games that all children are familiar with and love to play again and again.

By: Hollie Copeland

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