Best BJJ Gi Reviews

Best BJJ Gi Reviews

Finding the best BJJ gi is important for any serious martial arts practitioner who really wants to be the most comfortable and effective when they are grappling.

Good Jiu Jitsu kimonos, however, are complex uniforms, and there is a lot that goes into making them well suited for heavy-duty use.

Within this ultimate guide to finding the best gi for BJJ, we will analyze all of the factors that make a gi great and look at some Jiu Jitsu gi reviews to help you find the best gi for you.

Best BJJ Gi Brands
Part of finding the absolute best gi for BJJ is choosing the best BJJ gi brands. So as to get a well-made gi that will last forever and serve you well, consider narrowing your search to among one of these ten brands:

Venum makes some sleek and aggressive looking gis that are some of the most attractive that you will find. The company advances beyond just looking great, though, with a clear and sharp focus on durability, functionality, and continued innovation.

If you need any proof that Venum has found success in these areas, just look at the number of professional fighters who are wearing Venum gis.

On their website, the company lists sixty-eight different pro fighters who sport their gear, including famous UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva, UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo Junior, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion Rodolfo Vieira. It's an impressive resume, but one that Venum has well-earned.

Their gis are durable, functional, and comfortable as well as being attractive in a sharp and aggressive way that really seems to resonate with today's fighters. Along with their gis, Venum also provides every other kind of gear necessary for any discipline of martial arts.

It has been said that a fighter could easily go their entire career without ever having to use anything but Venum gear. Given the quality of the products that Venum makes, it's not surprising to see many fighters doing just that.

Some of the company's best BJJ gis include the sleek yet durable Venum Competitor, the affordable and ultra-light Venum Challenger, and the high-end completion gi, the Venum Absolute.