Potty Instruction

A Few Tips on How to Potty Train Girls


Most people believe that potty training girls is easier than potty training boys. And that, typically, is true, but it does not mean that there’s no challenge involved in the process. After all, it can be difficult to ensure that any toddler utilizes the toilet with consistency.


If you find yourself struggling with potty training for your daughter, you should try to keep the following tips in mind as they will make the process a lot less stressful than otherwise. More tips on potty training can be found at http://pottyinstruction.com.



1. Invite your daughter to join you in the toilet


Toddlers tend to learn best by imitating others. And because of this, it can prove to be very helpful to invite your daughter into the toilet with you. This will be more likely to work best with the female parent. After all, should your daughter watch her father using the toilet, she may become confused and attempt to pee when she is standing up…


If your daughter does choose to follow you into the toilet, she’ll be quick to learn from the example you provide. And soon, she’ll be keen on utilizing the toilet in the same way that you do, and without any additional prompting on your part.



2. Provide her with the right equipment


Though it may seem to be a practical pursuit to have your daughter use the adult toilet for her potty training, it may in fact do more harm than it does good. Many toddlers are a little frightened of the adult toilet – they’re concerned that they have to climb up in order to use it, or that they may fall in.


Fortunately, there are numerous child-sized potties that are available on the market. And after your daughter is comfortable in using a smaller-sized potty, it will then be easier to have her start to use the big toilet.



3. Introduce potty training games


All children enjoy learning through play. If the process of potty training can be turned into a child-friendly game, it’s more than likely that your daughter will be that much more receptive to it.


You could invest in a doll-sized potty that she can use with her dolls whereby she can attempt to teach them precisely what she’s learned about her own potty training experiences.


Also consider introducing some food coloring into your daughter’s potty. This will fascinate her in how she can alter the color of the water when she uses the potty. It’s simplistic things like this that can help your child to become excited about the process of learning how to use the potty.



4. Personalize the potty


Be sure to make your daughter feel very comfortable with her personal potty. Write her name on it, and permit her to decorate the potty with a few fun stickers. When young children are not afraid of the toilet, potty training becomes a whole lot easier than otherwise.