Female orgasm is much more difficult than men and therefore more very sensitive effects of various factors. The issues of reaching orgasmic pleasure can be caused by a whole complex of factors. During the elaboration progress of Volupta, many experiments were conducted with volunteers, whic confirmed the fact about women's capability to achieve sexual clitoral arousal also to orgasm is negatively afflicted by age, and cncentration and balance of the sexual hormones - estrogen and testo-sterone, as well as effects of previously used medications, surgeries in and around pelvic area, metabolic problems, thyroid gland disorders, and so forth

The hormone level determines libido (the sex drive) and sensitivity of clitoris. An important role plays the previous orgasmic experience of a woman and her individual sexual sensitvity best lubricant for women. The largest problems are encountered by women that contain never experienced orgasm before. It can be due to various mental problems. Psyhological problems affect woman's sexual sensitivity. In problematic cases, assistance by a sexologist and time is recommended. In difficult cases, a longer use of Volupta is necessary to reach the first results (6-8 tubes).

Achieving the peak of the intimate life - orgasm - is ensured not only by physiological factors, but also by emotionality and spirituality. It could be created together with a religious partner. Each woman is unique, each woman requires special attitude towards her.

Attention: as proven by screening Volupta can ensure climax only if used properly - on the base of clitoris, at G-spot zone, and massaged into cells.

By applying gel on the clitoris, it immediatly stimulates the surrounding tissue and causes blood rassemblement to the area around clitois and the natural lubricant is richly passed. Blood afflux caused by Volupta creates a warming experience, whic shoul be improved by caressing and foreplay. In order of gel to have effect, it is very important massage it in to enhance the sensations. If the woman cannot feel the necessary effect due to insensivity of genitals, whic is caused by hormonal derivations, assistance should be sought with the doctor sexual satisfaction for women is derived from level of orgasmic feelings.

When applied on clitoris and G-spot area, Volupta at first leads to a cooling sensation (effects of menthol), then it causes excretion of the natural lubricant and clitoral erection. Afterwards follows a transmission of signals cerebra. The chain of sexual processes has started and it is concluded with a magnificent orgasm.

Inside the area of clitoris, there is a great amount of nerve receptor ends, and when inflammed the process of sexual arousal is triggeres. Menthol can be used as part for Volupta for the qualities of promoting intake. L-arginin irrates the nerve channels when penerating the tissues and immediately expends local blood vessels and ensures clitoral erection. Attaining orgasm is determined by clitoral stimulation.