My Naked World - A Naturist Program For Android

My-Bare-World Nudist Program for Android
We're now in the process of redesigning our program and the old version is no longer available. The new and improved My Nude World can be expected to launch shortly in 2015, so stay tuned!
We have created one of the world's easiest to use Program that will allow you to find all the naturist and naturist occasions, celebrations, meet-up groups, shores, groups, organizations and destinations anywhere in the world at a click of a button.
My Nude World, a brand new iPhone program brought to you by Young Naturists & Nudists America.
Young Naturists and Naturist America is working hard to bring of nude recreation to everyone! With that in mind, we have some exciting news!!! We have created one of the world's simplest to use App that will enable you to find all the naturist and naked parties , events , meet-up groups , beaches , groups, organizations and destinations anyw here in the world at a click of a button. This Program will permit you to locate all the local clothing-optional or nudist locations no matter where you are at that minute on your own Android telephone. Once downloaded you will have permanent access to a listing of hundreds of nudist resorts and clothes optional locations, with all the nude beaches , nude resorts , and naked clubs! The listings will be constantly updated, so what you see will be all present positions and the most recently started areas as well. You can either search this database for nearby fkk regions based on your location or look them up by category and sub classification based on the type of spot and description.

The App will find you what you're seeking whether its a public beach on the shore or a fkk club to see. All places are connected to maps, that'll provide you with an address, map, and directions on how to get there from your present location, along with a phone number to contact the independently owned clubs or resorts. Once you use it, maps will let you know all you need to know to get you there! And it works not only in the U.S., but in other states when you are traveling the world. This App will also quickly and easily hook you up with the Young Nudists and Naturists site website and blog so you can keep up with all the most recent news, events & articles! Simple to use and continuously upgraded we're working hard to ensure which you have to.
Present Version: 1.0
Demands Android: 11.6 and Upwards
Class: Travel and Local
Size: 2.58k
My Naked World is A Nudist APP for Android Telephones By - Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK