This is the day I have a blog

This is the first time I'm having a blog of my own and it is exciting.

One reason I created this blog is cause I have this unending train of thought about relationships, so I'm gonna be posting a lot of my views on it, I wouldn't promise all of em to be positive but u can expect em to be logical.

So if you're a romantic, call me (I need lab rats) XD

Also I'm a Science freak, not the geeky kind but I'm very much into the subject. So u can also expect me to post a lot of Science I find interesting and I'm sure u will too.

Music is my passion, I play the keyboard, the Ukulele and planning on learning the Guitar for good.

I was sceptical to create a blog of my own, turns out there is an ocean of possibilities once I made it.

Okay so my first ever created blog

Here we go..... ;D