Food For My Thought

I've been contemplating about the behavior of today's society towards women.

Come to think of it, men have throughout the course of history heve seen women as objects.

I believe women haven't been mistreated ever since the orign of our species. Somewhere down the line this concept of a superior gender came into existence and there was a paradigm shift which we witness with an extended time period of it's establishment.

I tried to dig about and search for the origin of this bias behavior, here's what I found.

In the Paleolythic age, the concept of multiple sex partners was very prevailent.. Now if I were to compare the behavior of the Paleolythic man and the behavior of modern 'dudes', I don not see much difference.

Coming back to the topic, I presume that was the start of man seeing women as tools to satisfy oneself.

Let's talk about modern times. Look at us, falling for every attractive male or female we see. So faithful to the social convention of love making and not bond making. With competition growning in this world, we've started becoming selfish and focused on catering to our own needs.Point being we've stopped taking into account of what others feel.

As for what I feel, we must treat women equally, They are as human as we men are. I do not intend to be feminist, but I truly beleve that the only reason the idea of feminism had to be founded was because men were too insensitive.

Hope it didn't get too boring.

If you're still reading this, you'll make a perfect man for your lady. ;)