The Fact About Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery

There is not a solitary top quality follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant specialist on the planet that offers Robotic hair transplant surgery. The reason these doctors don't offer Robotic surgery is basic. Robotic surgery does not offer the same high caliber the talented specialist can accomplish without the robot. Just doctors with poor deftness offer automated surgery. These less capable doctors offer Robotic surgery simply because this is the main way they can pull in FUE patients. When they pull in you, they will endeavor to offer you a strip technique (FUT) in light of the fact that they know how poor the unite quality is with the robot. 

Robotic surgery over harvests the contributor zone, misses one out of four unions, produces poor yields, can't gather white hair, can't do a no shave FUE system, produces superfluous substantial injuring, and results in gigantic giver scarring. Robotic hair transplant machines have a troublesome time collecting from the sides of the scalp contributor zone and the substandard divide of the benefactor territory. At the point when the edges are intense, the robot delivers much bigger injuries and tends to slide over the scalp in many cases making gaps that are sufficiently vast for 8 or 9 extractions utilizing a 0.85 mm punch. Such injuries are huge in size. Doctors who possess robots to perform FUE are not talented FUE hair transplant specialists. Indeed, these doctors need aptitudes the abilities required to perform amazing FUE. 

Robotic hair transplantation is the ideal legal claim holding up to happen. Both the organization and the doctors who offer Robotic surgery knew the issues connected with Robotic surgery, however neither one of the groups cautioned general society of the restrictions of the robot. Patients were not told that one out of four inclusions of the punch did not deliver a join. Patients were not told that their benefactor zone may be over reaped in segregated zones by the robot. Patients were not exhorted that yields would be so low now and again. This was the ideal case of an innovation organization joining forces with less talented FUE specialists to create, deliver, and unleash a restorative gadget that did not meet the standard of care in FUE.


Dr. Aklish Jain