Veni, Vidi, Spin!

Veni, Vidi, Spin!

The winning has a sweet taste and the loss has the bitter flavor. Human beings want to share their wins, honoring them forever. While the defeats are something intimate: the stuff that we don’t want to talk about and hardly share them with someone. When we gain winnings, we shine like diamonds and try to tell everybody. Preferably to do this in details in order to delight the triumph and exciting compliments from our partners.

Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. John F. Kennedy

The situation is reversed if we are defeated. People are sad and miserable. They haven’t got a wish to talk and try to avoid such chats, blaming the circumstances as weather, seasons or stars! It is a form of mind defensive reaction in order to not sap the soul. We try to find excuses. Is it so, isn’t it?

Why did I talk about that? The game in online casino consists of ups and downs. If we win, we remember this bright event – slots, multipliers, symbols. All content that we can share with our friends. And what is going on with losses? Of course, you lost money at video slots. What did you feel? Is it the happiness? I will answer – the emptiness, apathy and depression. It is not about the size of the defeated sum. It is all about the sheer fact that you lost.

I had such situations when during the day I won at different online casinos, and lost the certain part of the winning. I was sick and tired. I was angry. The previous victory hasn’t gained the pleasure and recent defeat pulsed in my head.

Most commonly, such defeated situations bring the feeling of chasing the losses. It leads to more losses. What to do if you lose your deposit? Firstly, go away from the computer: read the book, go outdoors, have some cooking or call back your mum. Do everything that will abstract you from the game.

How to feel about defeats?

It is very important fact that the lost sum hasn’t got the critical character. If you play the free money, it will be easy to stay aside from the depression stuff. Pay attention to the idea that online casino is just an entertainment. It is a place where you cheerfully spend time, paying some amount of money. If you win at gambling place, hold that today the fortune is on your side! I am a compulsive old gambler and found the way to cope with my wins and losses. There are a lot of websites with interesting gambling content.