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Need For Second Green Revolution In India Pdf Download



"Challenges Facing a Second Green Revolution: Expanding the Reach of Organic Agriculture". After this mission there has been constant increase in cotton production on back of high yield variety and GMO seeds. Kisan in this doesnt mean that only farmers are eligible to invest. This comprises of bilateral sharing of knowledge and technologies, establishment of Centers of Excellence in various agriculture sectors across India, exchange visits of experts and farmers and Post-doctoral scholarships for Indian agriculture researchers in Israel. June 3, 2008.


It is quite important for Animal Rearing sector as it is getting short of fodder. The objective of TMC was as under: To improve the yield and quality of cotton, particularly in respect of staple length, micronnaire, strength, etc. All the researches are being done by so called experts but in the end of the day we find farmers quitting their lives.Thus ground reality may be different from what the policy makers anticipates some times.One more thing i want to add though its abberation from your Point I recently talked to one farmer in my village about the subsidy effect on the economy he replied that no matter what the economist say i dont care i just gave vote not to listen this i want immediate relief otherwise we would punish the govt next time in election.Thus it simply indicates that more than having a long term policy we require a short term approach in policy making too. However use of GMO crops and its benefits are controversial and this issue was also covered in previous article. My field work during my masters period in Uttarakhand taught me similar lessons. Archived from the original on July 14, 2009.


National Bamboo Mission Mission envisages promoting holistic growth of bamboo sector by adopting area based, regionally differentiated strategy and to increase the area under bamboo cultivation and marketing. It supported indiscriminate use of water as rice was main target of revolution. They are never able to link social discrepancies that continue to negatively affect these welfare schemes. 100 months. Anybody except a business entity, HUFs and NRIs can invest. Bill Gates has been among the proponents of a second green revolution, saying:. A KVP can be encashed after two and a half years from the date of issue at the value it has been bought and the interest accrued for the period.

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