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Electron Degeneracy Pressure Pdf Download



(May 1968). Thus, no matter how low the temperature drops, the electrons must be traveling at this "Heisenberg speed", contributing to the pressure. Bibcode:1968JMP.9.698L. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. 8 (3): 423434. Δ x Δ p ≥ ℏ 2 {displaystyle Delta xDelta pgeq {frac {hbar }{2}}} . Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. J. where x is the uncertainty of the position measurements and p is the uncertainty (standard deviation) of the momentum measurements. London, UK: Prentice Hall. This degeneracy pressure is omnipresent and is in addition to the normal gas pressure P = NkT/V. Degenerate matter Exchange interaction . 315 (5813): 825828. P = 2 3 E tot V = 2 3 ℏ 2 k F 5 10 π 2 m e = ( 3 π 2 ) 2 / 3 ℏ 2 5 m e ρ N 5 / 3 , {displaystyle P={frac {2}{3}}{frac {E{text{tot}}}{V}}={frac {2}{3}}{frac {hbar ^{2}k{rm {F}}^{5}}{10pi ^{2}m{rm {e}}}}={frac {(3pi ^{2})^{2/3}hbar ^{2}}{5m{rm {e}}}}rho {N}^{5/3},} . See also[edit]. doi:10.1126/science.1136259. "GroundState Energy of a Finite System of Charged Particles". Math. (March 1967). J.


A.; K. Phys. doi:10.1063/1.1705209. 8 (8): 15381545. Rpke, F. Matter is electron degenerate when the density (n/V) is high enough, and the temperature low enough, that the sum is dominated by the degeneracy pressure. K.; Benetti, S.; Hillebrandt, W.

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