Comparison of characteristics between the Apple TV 4 and the Chromecast Ultra

On the occasion of the launch of the new device from Google, Chromecast Ultra, is time to make a comparison with the Apple TV 4.

If we talk about devices for playback of content in the home is worth mentioning both the Apple TV 4 and Google, the Chromecast device. On the occasion of the Google event, we have attended the launch among other products of a renovated Chromecast called Ultra Chromecast. Let's see what can compete this device and the Apple TV 4, released the previous year by the bite Apple company.

Supported video formats for Apple TV 4 and the new Chromecast Ultra

Since we talk about devices associated with the reproduction of contents, one of the highlights is the video format that supports every one of them. While the Cupertino-based company terminal supports videos up to 1080 p at 60 f/s one of the great features that can make consumers are launched to acquire this renewed Chromecast Ultra is that it will offer support for resolutions up to 4 K Ultra HD and HDR. This can make lovers of high definition is decide by the device that offers the big G to the Apple company.

Apple TV 4 and the new Chromecast Ultra processor

The next aspect that I want to analyze is the of the processor that both devices mounted, something really important for a good experience of user. By what we have been able to glimpse in the event of Google, this Chromecast Ultra mount faster processor which has mounted the company to date. Meanwhile Apple TV 4 assemble the processor of the House, the A8's 64-bit, offering very well and together with the system operating tvOS provides a high quality user experience. It remains to be seen both devices in action to check the fluidity in the actions.
Apple TV 4 and the new Chromecast Ultra connections

If there is something to keep in mind when purchasing a device for our home, it is the type of connections and ports to implement since it is something that will interfere critically when it comes to the installation as well as if we have to buy cables apart can change our decision to one side or another. By Google, the Chromecast Ultra incorporates an Ethernet port that will provide a more stable connection when WiFi is not available or are not of sufficient quality, something that also has the Apple terminal. Also a HDMI connection, although as I said at the beginning the Chromecast supports a definition of 4 K video.

Compatibility of Apple TV 4 and the new Chromecast Ultra

The last aspect I want to analyze both devices is the price, something always important when making a purchase of a technological product. We can find the Apple device by 179 euros with 32 GB of capacity and 229 euros with a capacity of 64 GB. Here is where the philosophy of Apple stands out on the Google device since we see the usual top prices to which we are accustomed company headquartered in Cupertino. For its part the Chromecast Ultra you will have a starting price of 79 euros. 

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