The iPhone 8 already fast?

The iPhone 8 already fast?

A Bloomberg report revealed that the Apple company would be working in the manufacture of an iPhone 8 with completely new technology to that used in their phones. The portal quoted staff close to manufacturing plans and says that the company is exploring technologies that would enable the iPhone and iPads be charged wirelessly.

iPhone 8 Rumors

Apple plans to also overcome the barrier of distance to charge the phone and stop using mats on which you have put it. Another of the rumors is that the Smartphone would eliminate the only button that is on the front screen, giving way to a screen full of glass.

This next 2017 met 10 years from the launch of the first iPhone and it could be that Apple surprised us with a new model next year.

IPhone 8, the phone that Apple would be presented in September 2017, is still in development; However, they just filter their early characteristics, according to the Bloomberg website.

According to the publication, iPhone 8, which could be called iPhone 7S, also will have a drastic change in design and functionality with respect to his predecessors: 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus.

The first feature of the iPhone 8 which was given out by Bloomberg is its screen OLED, which will be manufactured by Sharp, provided the company can meet the high demand for units.

In addition to the screen OLED, iPhone 8 would have a new design that is asejemaria much to the design of glass and metal that had the iPhone 4, one of the latest phones introduced by Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO, before his death.

Similarly, Apple's next phone could incorporate various functions on the screen, as well as eliminate the bezels on the sides and the Home button (Start button), something that has not pleased many.

For the moment, it is all that is known of iPhone 8, which also could be called "iPhone X" or "iPhone Anniversary", due to the fact that next year marks the tenth anniversary of Apple phones.

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