Who Knew You Could Make Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry?

Acrylic jewelry is a lot of fun and it is a surprisingly easy to make.

The first thing you will need to do is google "laser cutters." There are a ton of them in Los Angeles. Laser cutting usually costs about $2 per minute. The sheets that are cut are usually

16" x 20". If you fill up a sheet with designs to be cut it will cost about $40.

It's best to send your designs to the laser cutter in a vectorized format, however, many of the laser cutting services can do this for you. Many of them also provide the acrylic sheets, but you wood art can google "acrylic sheets" to find places in your area that sell plain sheets of acrylic.

To read more about what to expect from your laser cutter and how to incorporate the cut designs into jewelry, check out this slideshow.

An laser cut topographical maps example of laser-cut acrylic used for a necklace.