Grab Fashionable Damsel in Defense Bags

Grab Fashionable Damsel in Defense Bags

Damsel in Defense was established by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes. These two women have

idea to decrease the rate of criminal and sexual assault toward women by providing several

products for self-defense. They want to help women who walk alone outside. For self-defense,

women should bring safety tool. Without any protection, women will be easily beaten by the

attacker. Bethany and Mindy created Damsel in Defense with a mission to equip, educate, and

empower women. This company also provides Damsel in Defense bags that are fashionable.

Bethany and Mindy recognize that women cannot easily find, buy, or use gun to protect

themselves. Not all women know the place for buying gun or other protection tools so they do

not bring safety tool when going outside alone. This case will give big possibility for the attacker

to attack them easily. By bringing safety tool, a woman can fight and minimize the risk of the

attack. The shape of common gun and other protection tools makes women feel uncomfortable to

bring and use the tools. Most women will think twice to bring the tools. Damsel in Defense

wants to make women more comfortable to bring and use safety products. This company

provides safety tools with stylish shape. There are also Damsel in Defense bags for keeping the


Besides providing safety tools, Damsel in Defense also empower and educate women to use the

safety tools. The women who are attracted to use Damsel n Defense products will be educated

and guided. The tools can be easily used. Even when the women panic, they can use the tools

easily. The famous self-defense products from Damsel in Defense are stun gun and pepper spray.

Do not imagine that the gun is like the usual gun. This gun is different. It is stylish and not too

big. The other people will not know that you bring a gun. The pepper spray is also stylish and

easy to use. You can keep the tools safely with Damsel in Defense bags.

Damsel in Defense also provides great business. If you are a member, you will get 30% from

each sale. If you can get sales rep, you will get 1% from everything that is sold by each rep and

his/her downlines. You can earn commission from your direct recruit rep and three downlines.

The price of the safety items is various, from $10 up to $50.

Damsel in Defense has a startup kit that is offered for new consultants for only $179. But, the

contents of this kit are priced at above $300. This kit consists of several items, such as: 4 stun

guns, 2 pepper sprays, 1 door alarm system, 1 kid tracker alarm, 1 Kubota, 1 portable alarm

system, 1 road trip auto tool, and 1 aqua net keepsafe container. The stun guns that are offered

are 1 Hot Lips, 1 Tiny Takedown, 1 Pack a Punch, and 1 On Your Knees. The Pepper sprays that

are provided are 1 Pouch O Pepper Spray and 1 Hardcore spray. You can also keep these tools in

Damsel in Defense bags. You can check site :