Tips On Improving Golf Swing

It is essential that you practice but it is even more vital to practice ‘right’. Different golfers have different techniques. Therefore the kind and amount of practice that one requires also differs. And Chuck Quentin of RotarySwing Golf will help you with this. Some might be weak in the grip, others may have body posture related issues, yet others may have troubles in marinating rhythm. Therefore in order to improve your Golf Swing, you first need to review your game and figure out the weaknesses. Then you need to chalk out appropriate strategies and work upon your shortcomings.

Maintaining consistency and accuracy in the game play, especially in the Golf Swings, is a major concern with most golfers; whether you play for leisure or at a professional level. In order to improve your Golf Swing you need understand and work on some basic mechanics involving your body postures, your aim, grab at the club etc. Approaching an expert for help will surely help you enhance your performance but if you want to start by working on them on your own then here are a few tips that you may want to incorporate in your next practice session.

1. Ensure that the golf club is gripped between the fingers and not the palm of your hand. Also the pressure with which you hold your club should be light to allow easy motion.

2. First aim the face of the club towards your target and then set your body posture. Ensure that your shoulders, hips and feet are parallel to the target.

3. While standing, stand slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. If you are a right handed player or looking to hit a right swing then place the ball just inside of your left heel with your hand placed about one inch behind the ball. Make the shaft in line with your hand. Your body position and the extended club should now form an imaginary triangle at address position.

4. When you begin your backswing ensure that the triangle is maintained. Also, your wrist, elbow and shoulders should all move together as a unit at the same time. When you are halfway back on your backswing, make your club parallel to your target.

5. At the top of your backswing, create the letter ‘L’ using your right elbow.

6. During the downswing, do not change your position. The butt of the club shaft should be close to or pointing at the ball. This will provide a chance to hit a straight and solid shot.

With tips from RotarySwing Golf and consistent practice of the above-mentioned tips will surely help you improve your Golf Swing.