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Vi arbejder blandt andet med 2016 Bloggers Delight Danmarks strste blognetvrk Skriv til os infobloggersdelight.dk Trommesalen 5, 2. RAJ CHOPRA 3 Dear All, Really good presentation. There are numerous tools available to identify and remove waste from your process, which include Poke Yoke, Kanban, Takt Time, SMED and One-Piece flow. 14th September 2012 From India, Gurgaon . When Mura is not reduced, one increases the possibility for Muri and therefore Muda. Finally, even mura cannot always be reduced with 100%. Teamwork 2. These are described in the article:Finding Mura (variation) in your process. Once again.


Would you like to read more about lean? I recommend these books: The following three articles explain in more detail how we can find and eliminate the three enemies of lean from our processes, here is a short overview of what to expect: MUDA, waste, can be defined in eight types, 7 defined by Toyota and non utilized skills. Thanx 4 sharing. I will try to incorporate the suggesation as given by Mr kaushal and strukkings in future. MURA, unevenness, can be found in fluctuation in customer demand, process times per product or variation of cycle times for different operators. Mura can be reduced by creating openness in the supply chain, change productdesign and create standard work for all operators. Homepage SlideShare Channels Popular Presentations .. As ashivinik9 has linked my efforts with Hindi Diwas. sal 1614 Kbenhavn V Flg Bloggersdelight . Usually, there is a reason why the muda is there and this reason often has to do with the other two enemies: muri and mura.

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