Making a Successful, Panda Friendly Website

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With Google's recent changes, you need to be sure any SEO efforts you make are Panda friendly. There's no point complaining about how the changes affected you, so just get in there and get the work done. As you try to work out what alterations you want to make, you'll find there are still some gray areas. On the other hand there is lots that Google has been pretty open about. You'll find Google's execs blog about various aspects that can help with SEO efforts. If you use Google Webmaster, this can give you a clear indication of why you might have been penalized. Below are three simple tips you can use to make your site much more Panda friendly.

Having way too many advertisements on a webpage can lead to a penalty being inflicted on your site because you can definitely have too much of a good thing. It's becoming clear that Google doesn't like a site to be too cluttered above the fold and generally has a bad reaction to such things. They are looking to clean up sites so they don't have too much noise and a webpage with an excessive number of ads is the very definition of what they are looking to eliminate. Above the fold on your pages is the most important area of your site. That space needs to be clean and have an uncluttered look. Actually, if your site is too busy it may adversely affect your bounce rate, and Google is watching your bounce rate.

Being relevant is something that Google has been focused on for very many years. In time, it has only grown in importance and that's why you need to take care of it. In the case of your blogroll links or outbound links going to external sites, you have to be careful. What you want to avoid is having external links, outgoing, that are to sites that are not relevant to yours. If your site is about weight loss, then do not link to something in a completely different niche. Checking all the links from your site to external webpages is the way to make sure everything is alright, which isn't all that difficult to do.

When it comes to Panda friendly content, it really is all about increasing the visitor experience. This opens up all sorts of doors for format and strategy choices when you need to create your content. Reducing your bounce rate is a lot easier when you create a news section for your website. Make sure that this is actually relevant when it comes to your website's niche and theme. It's easy enough to comply here when you use Google Alerts. You can even update your news section every day of the week if you want. Not only is this super easy, it trains the Google bots to visit your website a bunch--which you definitely want to have happen. Your visitors will also like it quite a lot and it will be good overall.

Ensuring your site is Panda friendly for business as well as SEO is not something you do one time and forget about. You need to keep applying the right methods after you fix any problems that are present. It's really not complicated at all, so there aren't any reasons for you to avoid doing it.