Seroquel Lawsuit Settlement

Is second largest drug browse this site making company in U.K. There were around about 4,000 Seroquel claims left after this settlement.

The use of Seroquel has been associated with hyperglycemia and diabetes in patients using this drug. These settlement payouts had not affected the company much. The attorneys of Powers Taylor founded this firm to focus on client needs. The AstraZeneca Plc. Reports about its association with these side effects started coming in since this drug came into circulation. It is also used for treatment of bipolar disorder or manic depression in children above 10 years and adults. Many studies also revealed the same fact. Earlier it had settled numerous lawsuits by paying hefty amount of money, but it did not prove fatal blow for AstraZeneca as it settled a large amount of lawsuit against it related to Seroquel lawsuits. FDA too issued safety alerts and warnings related to this drug. It had paid around $350 million to resolve Seroquel lawsuits.

AstraZeneca would be paying $150 million to resolve around 6,000 cases alleging Seroquel for on set of diabetes in patients using it.

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