Jurisdiciton concerns the power of the state under internatonal law to regulate or otherwise impact upon people, property and circumstances and reflects the basic principle of  state sovereignty, equalty of states and non -interference  in domestic affairs.


Jurisdicton maybe achieved by means of

A. legislatve


C. judicial

A. Legislative jurisdiction refers to the supremacy of the constitutionally recognised organs of the state to make binding laws within its territory.

B, Executive jurisdiction relates to the capacity of the state to act within the borders of another state

C. Judiciary  jurisdiction concerns the power of the court of a particular country to try cases in which a foreign factor is present .

Example; if a man kills somebody in Britian and then manage to reach the Netherlands, British court have jurisdiction to try him, but they cannot enforce it by sending officers to the Netherlands to apprehend him. They must apply to the Roman Dutch authorities for his arrest and dispatch to Britian.

NB; if on the other hand the murderer remains in th Britain then he may be arrested and tried there, even if it becomes apparent that he is a German natonal.