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If you want to learn how to program with Perl and then find out how far you can go with it, this is the book for you. Blog . Search Past Posts Search for: Twitter Useful Stuff About Create free blog Subscribe via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You have no posts yet Post navigation ← Home Welcome to our blog. Perl started out as the "Swiss army knife" of computer languages and was used primarily by system administrators, but over time it's grown into an immensely robust language used by web-developers and programmers worldwide.


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We'll take you from installation, through the core language elements - regular expressions, references, modules and the like - and onto basic applied techniques. You will find it easier if you already have some basic programming experience, but the material covered can be mastered by anyone with just a text editor, some common sense and a computer. "There's more than one way to do it" is the motto of Perl, but this book aims to take you through them all. 400 Bad Request.. It's also a great way to learn programming techniques and develop your own style of coding. Coverage is bang up to date, using Perl 5.6 in all our examples and there's a handy reference section in the back. Beginning Perl (free) . You'll see how to access and work with databases in Perl, write CGI scripts to generate web pages and beyond.

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