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It is bound to happen to everybody sometime or another: You lose your house key.

If it Locksmith 90066 simply got buried in the sand at the beach, this is no big deal. Just have a duplicate made from a spare set.

But if it is stolen, someone else has your house key and you have to do something fast.

CBS News This Morning's home improvement contributor Bob Vila explains how simple Locksmith 90036 it is to change a lock without calling a locksmith.

If you've invested in high-quality hardware for your home, there is no need to toss it all out the window. A good keyed-doorknob assembly - especially if you have three or four around the house all using the same key - can cost $70 or $80. A locksmith might charge $50 an hour to do this work.

This is a very quick and easy repair that anyone can do. So save a lot of money by doing it yourself with a few simple tools and replacement parts.

Buying a Replacement Cylinder

Look at your hardware; the manufacturer will be stamped on it.Then at the local hardware store or locksmith, purchase replacement cylinders. They usually run about $10 a piece. Just make sure they all use the same key or you'll be carrying around five different house keys.It is easier if you don't remove the entire doorknob assembly.

Removing the Cylinder

First, take a spare key and turn it as if unlocking the door. Then, find the small hole around the base of the knob. Take a small, pointed object like a paper clip or an awl and press in the pin. (An awl is like a pointed screwdriver used for scribing lines in wood.) With the pin pressed in, the whole knob will pop right off.Once you have the knob off, pop off the backing plate and remove the old cylinder.

Reassembling the Knob

Reverse your steps to reassemble the knob.

Insert the new cylinder and replace the backing plate. Then, put the knob into position and turn the new key. With the key turned, press in the pin again and the knob will slip back into place.

If you don't have a spare key, you cannot do this. And it is then time to call the locksmith.

For more information from Bob Vila, visit his Web site.