How to Get Gas Cards and Transportation Help for Doctors in Washington State

In Washington State, Medicaid insurance recipients may be eligible to receive prepaid gas cards to pay for transportation to and from doctor's appointments. Hopelink is a social service organization that partners with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to help with the transportation needs for low income people. It is important that everyone regardless of money and ability makes it to their medical appointments.

Things You Will Need

Medicaid insurance

King County resident

Driver License

Car Insurance

Step 1 - Medicaid Insurance

Check to make sure you receive Medicaid insurance also known as a medical coupons. Hopelink will only provide gas cards or transportation to appointments that are covered by Medicaid. This means if you are going to an Orthopedic doctor who doesn't accept Medicaid medical coupons then that appointment wont qualify for a gas card. Sometimes you will find a doctor who only accepts Medicare and not Medicaid as a secondary, so keep in mind that Hopelink wont cover these appointments either because the contract is between DSHS and Hopelink.

Step 2 - Valid Driver's License

Make sure that your Driver License is valid. You must be a legal driver to qualify for the gas cards and transportation help. Additionally, you will have to provide proof of car insurance and show that the vehicle is registered in your name. Make copies of all of these items so you can send them to the Hopelink address.

Step 3 - Driving and Medical Insurance

In order to qualify for the prepaid gas card program you must have a valid Driver License, proof of car insurance, and a vehicle licensed in your name. Every time your insurance renews you will need to send in a new copy of the insurance card. Make sure to keep your vehicle registration current. If you do not have a license or a car, but have advantage jobs a person that drives you to your medical appointments then that driver may qualify for the gas card program as long as humana he or she meets the basic requirements (license, insurance, and proof of registration).

You should also consider this option if you have a child that has a Medicaid medical coupon because you can apply and get gas cards for their doctor's appointments.

Step 4

Hopelink offers several transportation programs. If you do not qualify for their gas card program or do not have someone who can drive you to your medical appointments that meets the requirements then ask them about other options. Depending on your situation as long as you receive Medicaid then there is likely a program that will assist you.

One of their other programs provides a taxi service to help with transportation to doctor's appointments. Once you qualify they will give you the number to call for this program.

Call Hopelink at 425.943.6789. The application process is easy as long as you have the documentation and will save you a lot of money on gas, especially if you have multiple doctor's appointments and have a long way to drive.

Tips & Warnings

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