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hepatitis b akut pdf


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Hepatitis B Akut Pdf Download



8. In fulminant hepatitis, meticulous intensive care may improve the survival, but orthotopic liver transplantation is the only therapy that has been shown to improve patient outcomes. Antonio Urdiales Cano Pdf Free. Hepatology 2002;36(5 Suppl 1):S195–200. Operating System Windows Xp 2 Free Download. 4.4 Diagnosis and differential diagnosis The most common symptom of hepatitis infection is fatigue or tiredness. 6.7 The future It is unknown whether a new delta antigen test will be developed. It therefore only occurs in people who are positive for the hepatitis B surface antigen. Principal symptoms: Fatigue and tiredness Malaise Jaundice Fever Muscle and joint aches Less common symptoms: Weight loss Depression Anxiety, irritability Headaches Sleep disturbance Discomfort in the abdomen on the right side Itching Nausea and diarrhea Appetite loss Serological tests are available commercially for a variety of antigens and antibodies associated with HBV infection. No specific antiviral therapy is currently available. HBV infection leads to one of four outcomes: Recovery after acute infection (> 95% in previously healthy adults over the age of 40) Fulminant hepatitis Chronic hepatitis B Inactive carrier state The outcome of HBV infection depends on immunological factors and possibly in part on the characteristics of the virus. It is transmitted parenterally — for example, as a result of sharing needles. Preliminary estimates of the incidence of HCV suggest that 6,400,000 HCV infections may occur each year. guidelinesworldgastroenterology.org . Fever, muscle aches, joint aches, and serum sickness syndrome may be present in the prodromal stage of acute HBV. This underlines the importance of finding ways of preventing the condition from becoming chronic. Hepatitis D: self-limiting if HBV is self-limiting.

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